The light at the end of the tunnel

May 11, 2021

Three months ago I put together a very similar article where I spoke about the optimism I felt for the coming year. I think I was even so hopeful that I dared to invite readers to our upcoming wedding fair on 6th February. Of course, when I was putting this together I still thought I’d be visiting my parents on Christmas Day, so I think I can be forgiven for my auspiciousness. Yet here we are at the beginning of May and there’s reason to be more buoyant than ever. We finally have an official opening date where, all things being well, we will never have to close again.

This recent period of closure, however, has given us the chance to reevaluate our business and to look at some of the details we never would have before. We’ve taken time to consider what we do best and how we can put more of our efforts into this while being more realistic with the things we don’t do so well. It’s too easy sometimes to look at what your competition is doing and to feel like you need to jump on the bandwagon with them. Even when your resources don’t allow it. I feel a moment to pause and reflect is vital not only in our personal lives but in our businesses too. These changes may only be small but I’m confident it will help us to bounce back from lockdown 3 (or 4. I’m really not sure anymore) much stronger than we have before.

Whether your business was given the greenlight to open at stage 1, 2 or like us, stage 3, I wish you all the very best of success. I’m confident that the past 12 to 14 months have been the hardest you will ever face and you’re still here. If that’s not motivation to keep going, nothing is.

Giles Thomas
Group Operations Director